Comune di Sovicille

It is located about 10 km west of Siena on the ancient Maremma road that connected the Sienese hinterland with the Tyrrhenian coast. It rises in a historically very important area as it was already inhabited since the Stone Age as evidenced by the discovery of prehistoric finds. Also noteworthy are the finds belonging to the Etruscan civilization and the remains of the Roman era.
The town of Sovicille features the characteristics that identify the entire Val di Merse: woods in the hilly area and cultivated land in the fertile plains of the valley floor. The most important hamlets of the municipality are Rosia and San Rocco a Pilli.
The historical-artistic heritage of the area is of absolute importance and can boast a widespread presence of Romanesque churches and abbeys such as San Giusto a Balli, Pernina, Molli, Ponte allo Spino, Towers with the remarkable polychrome cloister of the abbey of Santa Mustiola, San Lorenzo in Sovicille, numerous castles including those of Celsa, Montarrenti, Capraia and the famous Ponte della Pia.

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