Comune di Radicondoli

At least a thousand years old, formerly belonging to the bishops of Volterra, then to the Aldobrandeschi, finally subjected to Siena, Radicondoli appears curled up around the corso and the Sedice; it overlooks the Cecina and looks at the sea, at that expanse of oaks that runs from the Metallifere to the shore of the Etruscans.

Some parts of the ancient walls remain, of the three doors only the one in Olla, of the medieval atmosphere so common in the Val d'Elsa the feeling of being out of time remains, admiring the Collegiate Church and the Romanesque church of San Simone or simply wandering through the alleys.
Here you can feel the rural nobility: marked over the centuries by the trade in wool, wood, forest products and an agriculture that has remained aristocratic.

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