Libro di viaggio and Attestato di valore

The Grand Tour Val di Merse create the Libro di Viaggio, the Albo and the Attestato delle persone di Valore.

The Grand Tour Val di Merse, after being awarded, in February 2020, the "Italian Green Road Award" as third place and considered one of the most beautiful green routes in Italy, and after being nominated as the first permanent route in institutionally communicate the importance of road safety for cyclists by joining the #iorispettoilciclista campaign promoted by Paola Gianotti, in 2021 it is renewed and proposes three great innovations to the amateur cyclist public:
the creation of the Libro di Viaggio , the Albo and the related Attestato delle persone di Valore (a certification) which is issued to the individual visitor as a symbol of a undertaking carried out by those who have acquired and appreciated the founding values of the enhancement of the territory through the respect and philosophy of the bicycle.

Everyone will be able to decide independently how to travel the 173 km of the itinerary, which of the six municipalities involved to start from, how to approach it, whether to make their trip in a single day or in several stages.

The "Libro di Viaggio" will be available in the accomodation indicated on the site and which will also affix the stamp along the way.

The Certificate "Attestato di Valore" will be a real passport that transforms the cyclist into an ambassador, the one who can best tell their experience and memories and will be delivered directly by post to the address communicated.

The Register will be published on this website and continuously updated.