Comune di Murlo

Village-castle located on a hill of just over 300 meters overlooking the Crevole valley covered with dense woods. It is a borderland between the Val di Merse area to which it belongs and the Crete area of the Val d’Arbia; in a magnificent position, it overlooks the Ombrone valley and the Montalcino hill.
The origins of the place are linked to the Etruscan civilization clearly evidenced by the findings of Poggio Civitate and Poggio Aguzzo.

The castle of Murlo, in its typical fortified urban structure, dates back to the medieval period (XII century) when it was the main center of the Feud of the bishops of Siena or Vescovado. The plan, as it appears today, testifies to the transformations that took place at the end of the 16th century after the fall of the Republic of Siena and reveals the structure of the castle with the walls dominated by small houses that surround the Bishop's Palace (now home to the Archaeological Museum) , the prison building and the cathedral.

Near Murlo there is Vescovado, a major center formed with the merger of the two villages, Andica and Tinoni, which were still separate at the beginning of the 19th century. In the church of Vescovado there is a painting by Benvenuto di Giovanni depicting a Madonna enthroned with Saints from 1475.

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