Comune di Chiusdino

In a magnificent position, overlooking the Merse Valley and the Metalliferous Hills between woods and pastures.
The position and structure of the fortified medieval castle show a clear defensive strategy. Chiusdino was subjected to the dominion of the Bishops of Volterra and later (13th century) to the Municipality of Siena.
In the town there is the church of San Martino known as "outside the walls", the Prepositure of S. Michele, adjacent to the Birthplace of San Galgano, and the church of the Compagnia di San Galgano with an interesting bas-relief (1466) depicting San Galgano sticking his sword into the stone. The Cistercian abbey of San Galgano and the hermitage of Monte Siepi are located in the municipality of Chiusdino. Castelletto and the castle of Montalcinello.

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